Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Welcome to Musing to Manuscript Blog!

After much contemplation, I have finally started writing. Ever since I went to school abroad, I've had an idea for a book. But when I returned from Italy I was so busy finishing my undergraduate degree and then immediately entered into graduate school. So I didn’t pursue it any further. After I graduated, I had a 3 month break and the thought reoccurred to me but I didn’t act on it because I was too busy enjoying my break from all the technical reading. I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t even reading magazines (brain fried) just looking at the pictures (I have slight shopping & fashion obsession).

A little over a year ago, I was on a two week break and visiting a small Midwestern town. I visited the town’s biggest attraction – WalMart…which also sufficed my constant need to shop. While I was there I picked up the latest best seller. I definitely needed something to pass the time and I had already read all the popular mags (okay okay looked at all the pics). Well, the best seller I picked up happened to be a paranormal Young Adult book. It brought back old memories and dreams of my days abroad.

Once again I mused about writing a book. I started remembering my own experience and the unique (that’s being nice) people I crossed paths with. I kept thinking…what if this person was supernatural…what would they be like? During the last year, the characters kept developing in my head and lately they have been more like nagging me, to the point of becoming overwhelmed by the thought of it all. I think about the characters and their situations all the time. It is utterly distracting…I can hardly work…and seriously, probably should not be driving.

So to resolve my attention deficit disorder, I have decided to get the idea out of my head and write it down. Ultimately, I would love to publish but I would be happy with finally capturing this long cultivated musing (with a serious supernatural twist) into a manuscript.

I plan to blog about my journey from musing to manuscript, post YA book reviews and also have some fantastic book giveaways. Hope you enjoy the blog!

The First Muse to Manuscript Giveaway!

To kickoff the new blog, I am having a giveaway! I will give away a Twilight package that includes The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner: An Eclipse Novella AND the Eclipse Movie Soundtrack Deluxe Edition.


Thanks to all who signed up to follow the blog, follow me on twitter, and friend me on facebook. Entries are being tallied and the winner of the giveaway will be posted shortly.

Keep checking back and following because another great giveaway will be announced soon!

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